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We highly recommend Katie, she is very professional, but also personable.

She has a quiet demeanor but when it's time to speak up for her clients, she is quiet thunder and a astute business lady. We looked at several houses and she was there to show us everyone of them, driving 45 minutes to an hour from her city to us, and always arriving before us. She pulled all the information on the houses we looked at and provided the information at each showing. Katie researches information thoroughly and has a plethora of informational resources. We trusted her with our home purchase process which started on March 17, 2022 for what was suppose to be an open house, with Katie's help we closed on that home in 28 days. We highly recommend her to anyone who needs a realtor.

Michael and Connie Blue (Purchaser)

Not realizing how far Katie lives and the area of where we were looking to buy, I can whole-heartedly state that she absolutely cares for her clients.

Katie did an outstanding job in helping us relocate from the West Coast of California to Panama City, FL. Loved working with her through the entire buying process.

Andres Lavin

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